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Hercegovina thrives in the gastronomy



Hercegovina thrives in the gastronomy, as it contains many delicious and unique foods. Some of those foods are best presented with these:

Main courses:

Ćevapi- this meal is unique to the Balkan region, but some people note that right here in Hercegovina they tasted the best ones yet. It is usually made from grinded beef, mixed with local spices and herbs and shaped to appease the eye of the observer. Then they are usually roasted above a grill and served in a bun called “lepinja” with the usual addition of locally grown onions and a special type of seasoning called “ajvar”-a mixture of eggplant, sweet paprika and other spices.. They represent one of the best meals that this region has to offer.





Pura s kiselinom- a local meal usually made from corn flour mixed with water and cooked under a certain temperature until it reaches perfection. It is served with “kiselina (a kind of yogurt)”.

Janjetina ispod sača- this meal is the crowd favorite from these regions- it is a combination of lamb baked with potatoes under a metal compartment called “sač” to keep the juices and flavours in the meal itself.

Hercegovačka raštika- a meal consisted of several types of local herbs (cabbage, cauliflower and kale) cooked together, usually with a meat base and potatoes.

Uštipci- a locally baked bagel made from rough dough, shaped in a long foot like size and cooked in hot oil, they are not fluffly and large as donuts but rather thin and crusty. The true secret of making one is adding “rakija (local alcoholic beverage)” into the dough and the meal itself is served with local cheese and smoked meat called “pršut”.

Izlivač (izlijevak/izlijevač) is meal made from simple ingredients: a mixture of flour,water,salt and pepper in which people add some chopped potatoes and onions which is then spread into a baking plate to be thin and crusty. It is usally eaten with jogurt, curdle cheese etc.

Pies- there is a special variety of pies made in Hercegovina, as they are specially rolled and shaped unlike other pies. They include pies such as:

Burek- a pie made with grinded meat mixed with spices and vegetables, baked until perfection. This kind of pie is a crowd’s favorite, as it fulfills the needs of the local people and it is considered one of the most popular types of food found in this area.

Sirnica- a pie made from locally gathered cheese (from Duvno and Livno).

Krompirača- pie made from sliced potatoes mixed with a small patch of onions and other vegetables, a real vegetarian treat.

Zeljanica- a special kind of pie made from broiled kale which is rolled into the dough and baked

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